Jake Bosci turns isolation to inspiration on new single ‘I Miss You’

The newest single from Jake Bosci, I Miss You, plays into desperate feelings of longing while retaining a bubbly, driving rhythm.

Jake Bosci is no stranger to heartstring tuggers – the man has a history for crafting moods within his music that evoke love, longing, and loss. His latest single I Miss You delivers those trademark feels in spades, setting a story of isolation against a sparkling pop backdrop.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the arts community in a myriad of ways – most negative, but no doubt serving as a potent spark of inspiration here and there. For Bosci, that inspiration came when he was quarantined in a hotel in Darwin, having been grounded while trying to get back home to Brisbane.

Jake Bosci I Miss You

Inspired by the fragility of being shut in, Bosci tracked I Miss You entirely within his hotel room, riding the creative spark until he had a fully-formed track. He then sent the song to producer Lane Johnson in Nashville, and the rest is history.

The song speaks to everything Bosci was feeling in that hotel room; isolation, homesickness, and knowing the ones you love are out of reach. It’s a potent cocktail for anyone who’s been feeling shut in lately – yet thankfully, it’s danceable enough for you to turn it into a good time.

I Miss You serves as a taste of a forthcoming EP from Jake Bosci – with no release date as yet announced, you’ll just have to keep your ears peeled.


I Miss You is out now.