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The Matriarch is here – Moog’s new semi-modular synth

Moog, one of the original masters of modular synthesis, has welcomed a new addition to its lineage. The Matriarch is the flagship synth in their semi-modular family of new analog synths that kicked off with the release of the Grandmother.

It’s patchable, but you can also tap into rich sonic atmospheres playing it straight out of the box. It’s packed with performance friendly features and of course, that iconic Moog sound.Moog Matriarch

Semi-modular synths have been quite popular of late and the Moog Matriarch sets a new standard in the art. Endless sonic textures are available with this new synth.

For a modestly sized 49-key instrument, the Matriarch is fit for endless exploration of analog sound. Three voice modes are on offer, mono, duo and 4-voice paraphonic. The four analog oscillators have selectable waveshapes and six waveshapes are available on the full range LFO.

Performance-wise, there is a deep sequencer, with 256 steps and up to 4 notes per step on hand, plus an arpeggiator with three selectable modes.

A couple of options that are familiar to Moog connoisseurs are the stereo analog delay that can be pushed up to 700ms and can be sync’d via MIDI. And, of course, the famous Moog Ladder Filter is ready for action.

The 90 patch points provide a springboard to extend your sonic adventures and take your other synths along for the ride.

For more information, visit the Moog website.