Introducing: Dream Delay

The otherworldly Dream Delay are an electronic indie band from Sydney Australia. Stylistically similar to well known bands like Coldplay, Muse, and the Temper Trap, the powerful trio of Dream Delay are unlike a love ballad that got lost in the endless realms of outer space.

Legend has it, the band, featuring singer Ernst Carter, Toby Shain on keys and bass, and Warren Jackson on drums- formed on the 11. 11.11 (*gasp* wishes really do come true, because I wished for a band like Dream Delay to exist), and have been raining down explosive power ballads from the constellations into our humble stratosphere ever since.

dream delay

Try to imagine a band that is full of starry synths, droning guitars, alluring vocals, dramatic instrumentation and you’ve got yourself Dream Delay.

Although not too well known, Dream Delay are no strangers to the music industry, with singles Stack, Let Go, and Float On released in 2011 and Home / Anchor in 2013. Their latest EP No Heroes Here was actually produced and mixed by the multi- talented Toby Shain, and contains the songs Vices, Monday, Lost, Seaside Sickness, and The Crown.

Mastered at JulMoLil Studios and released on the 15th of July this year, No Heroes Here was clearly created with a lot of love, with very deliberate instrumental choices creating an almost hazy atmosphere for Carter’s strong vocals to cut through. This EP is ballad after ballad of love lost and evocative, cosmic imagery – swirling synth pads, deep and luscious guitar rhythms, dreamy keys. Contrary to the name, your dreams are accelerated – every single track means that you are so immersed into it that you don’t want to wake up.

Although a little drawn out and predictable in parts, the build in this EP is something to be commended, and demonstrates a level of skill and know- how from all involved in its production.

All in all Dream Delay are a band that have proven they are holistically developed and musically mature- anything they create and produce beyond this point should be as out of this world as they are themselves and is definitely worth your time- unconscious or conscious, they will be there to create the world that you most desire.



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