Capture nostalgic gaming sound with the Bitfight 83 plugin
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Capture the sounds of retro video games with the Bitfight 83 plugin

Half the fun of retro video games lie in the sounds that accompany those primitive graphics. The Bitfight 83 plugin from Puremagnetik gives you the tools to infuse your music productions with nostalgic, bit crushed tones.

This part distortion, part lo-fi chip emulator is part of Puremagnetik’s Spark series – a subscription service that delivers a fresh and fun sound processor to your inbox every month.Bitfight 83

Want to know what your synth sounds like if it was played out of a Commodore 64? Look no further. The Bitfight 83 plugin from Puremagnetik is just the thing for you nostalgic gamers.

The plugin goes beyond simple bit crushing though. There’s a whole host of unique sounds on tap. Puremagnetik explains the method behind the magic:

It is programmed with two cascading distortion chains with separate modulation. This creates strange, unpredictable artifacts as the two chains interact, including alias harmonization, phase effects and other oddities.”

The degree to which you can control the effects of Bitfight 83 makes it an enticing prospect. You can subtly apply distortion, but ramp it up to the extreme if needed. Check out the demo below:

For more info on Bitfight 83 and other offerings in the Spark series, head over to the Puremagnetik website.