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TASCAM announce the Model 16 live recording console

TASCAM has announced the Model 16 digital studio console and the outboard recording fans of the world couldn’t be happier.

The Model 16 Mixer has the feel of an analog mixer, but with the ease-of-use of a modern digital recorder. Its vintage panelling, interface and colour scheme all work to hide the powerful functionality within. TASCAM Model 16

TASCAM brings analog console workflow into a modern-day setting. This Model 16 is the perfect solution for live performance, recording and production.

The Model 16’s mixer section is similar to its big brother the Model 24, but with fewer channels. Features include 14 analogue inputs, ten of which have Ultra-HDDA microphone preamps and phantom power. The Model 16 also has 12 balanced line inputs (8 mono, 2 stereo), as well as an extra stereo aux input. In addition to this, channels 1 and 2 can be used as Hi-Z instrument inputs.

The eight mono channels feature 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mids, whereas, the stereo channels have 3-band EQs with fixed mid bands. The console has a simple 1-knob compressor on the mono channels as well as RCA mini-jack and Bluetooth connectivity.

For monitoring and effects, the Model 16 offers three aux sends: one pre-fader, one pre/post fader and one for effects. There are 16 built-in effects, which can be applied to the individual channels as well as the monitor, subgroup and main mix.

If you’re looking to record to a DAW, the Model 16’s internal USB audio interface can capture audio at a 24-bit/48 kHz sampling rate for recording or playback. The drivers’ super-low latency makes for an excellent way for the modern producer or technician to harness a more traditional method of mixing.

For more information visit the TASCAM website.