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Transform your microphones with the Launcher from Soyuz

Extracting colour from the your microphone collection is a persistent challenge for every recording engineer and producer. With the Launcher, Soyuz aims bring the quality and warmth of a analog console preamp to your mics, injecting life into otherwise bland signals.

As anyone involved in this world can attest to, good quality preamps don’t come cheap. The Launcher is an affordable alternative that goes in between microphone and interface preamp, injecting lively gain into signals coming from dynamic or ribbon microphones. Soyuz Launcher

Unlock the colour in your microphone collection with the Launcher. The little magic box of analog goodness helps dynamics and ribbons come to life.

This device has some grand ambitions, yet it couldn’t be more simple to operate. At either end of the box are a male and female XLR input and output – that’s about it for human interaction. All the magic happens on the inside, with a custom transformer and a “secret analog circuit” infusing the sound with colour and warmth.

Importantly, it offers up to 26dB of gain. This should be more than enough headroom to the boost the typically low signals of dynamics and ribbons. This means you can also run your interface preamp at a lower level, bringing less noise into the signal chain.

What’s more, the Launcher is very portable, so it’s ready for tight studio environments and the stage.

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