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The Zen Delay is the trippy new brainchild of Ninja Tune and Erica Synths

Iconic record label Ninja Tune have announced their brand new Zen Delay effects pedal. Ninja Tune is the London hip-hop/electro label which is home to acts such as Thundercat and Sampa the Great among others.

Designed by Erica Synths, the Zen Delay was inspired by a trip to Superbooth. The idea sprang from the minds of Ninja Tunes Matt Black and his friend Dr Walker of the Liquid Sky artist collective. Zen Delay by Ninja Tune

Ninja Tune reveals a profession delay/filter effect – unusual territory for a record label. Designed by Erica Synths the Zen Delay is powerful, versatile and vibey.

The unit boasts a unique set of controls that are capable of serving up steaming hot experimental lo-fi textures. There is, of course, the customary delay time, dry/wet, feedback and level controls. The delay mode knob lets you select between the 6 delay types printed in the centre of the pedal. Tape, Tape Pingpong, Digital, Digital Pingpong, Crossover and Delay-off.

Over on the right hand side are the controls for the multi-mode 24 dB synth filter and valve overdrive. A filter cutoff, resonance and drive all help to shape the tone of your delay trails. The filter mode gives you a choice of low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filter types for enhanced flexibility.

The Zen Delay also comes with a tap tempo button, MIDI-in socket and a standard CV in jack.


For more information on the Zen Delay visit Ninja Tune website.