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Trip out on Phosphene Scream – Death by Audio’s new multi-effect

Death by Audio has teamed up with psychedelic rock band The Black Angels to give us the Phosphene Scream reverb and delay pedal.

The pedal comes in celebration of Austin’s Levitation festival and pays tribute to Austin’s psychedelic rock legacy.Phosphene Scream

Phosphene Scream is a new pedal collaboration between Death by Audio and The Black Angels. A psychedelic mashup providing a range of spacey tones.

This magic pedal generates every reverb and delay sound under the sun, from ‘60s psychedelic, to the future punks ready to laser through to the 22nd century. The reverb can give you tight rooms or gushing waves of seamless saturation.

The delay, however, can go from crystallised filter flange all the way up to patterned reflections as if you’re standing atop the Grand Canyon. As you may think, that’s a lot of range for a simple looking pedal.

The Phosphene Scream boasts controls for Reverb, Feedback and D-Time (delay time), as well as a three-way toggle switch to adjust the tonality of the decays for all of the effects. Flick the toggle left for deep thundering booms, in the middle for a full-range sound, and right for a perfectly bright vintage edge.

The pedal runs on 9v power and has a limited run of 420 units. Those looking for more information can visit the Phosphene Scream product page.