A massive exhibition of supernatural Japanese art is coming to Sydney

Anyone who has dived into supernatural Japanese folklore will know that it’s a wild and wonderful world. From gargantuan snake gods to demons who hide inside your toilet and steal your soul through your ass – they’ve got it covered.

Coming this summer to the Art Gallery of NSW is Japan Supernatural, a massive exhibition centred around the magical creatures of Japan and featuring works by some of the country’s most name-checked artists.

takashi murakami japan supernatural
Photo: Claire Dorn, courtesy of Murakami Studio

Don’t miss Japan Supernatural this summer, a mystical exhibition featuring works by Takashi Murakami, Mizuki Shigeru, and more.

The centrepiece of the exhibition will be a large painting and sculpture installation by Takashi Muarakami, the colourful contemporary artist who has worked alongside Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Billie Eilish, Louis Vutton, and others.

Within the walls of Japan Supernatural you will also find pieces by late manga artist artist Mizuki Shigeru, as well as works from contemporary artists Tarō Yamamoto, Hideta Kitazawa, Fuyuko Matsui, Miwa Yanagi, Tabaimo, Chiho Aoshima, and more.

Also on display will be significant Japanese artwork from the past 300 years, including works by Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi and Kawanabe Kyōsai.


Japan Supernatural opens November 3rd 2019 to March 8th 2020 at the Art Gallery of NSW. To find out more and grab your tickets, head here.