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Try your hand at remixing Black Midi’s album Schlagenheim

Experimental London band Black Midi have recently made the stems from their debut album Schlagenheim open to the public.

The genre-bending outfit explored creepy and melancholic undertones throughout the album and now these brit noise boys are now giving fans an even closer look at all that went into the midi band

Black Midi is giving you the chance to remix their debut album Schlagenheim. This post-punk outfit from London knows sharing is caring.

Black Midi’s musical style is a hard one to describe. From experimental punk to garage noise, no one can really put their finger on what these four blokes put out. The release of their debut album Schlagenheim saw them nominated for the 2019 Mercury Prize. Now they’re letting us find out exactly what makes them tick by releasing the stems from said album.

Individual tracks for albums 9 songs are available for download now from the band’s website. The download link is also paired with a hefty list of terms and conditions, informing users they are not entitled to monetise their remix. Otherwise, the band encourages those who’ve made a remix to upload it to SoundCloud and Youtube for the world to see.

To download the stems for yourself or for more info on Black Midi visit their website.