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The Aerophone Mini is Roland’s latest digital wind instrument

The Aerophone Mini is perhaps the overlooked piece of gear from Roland’s massive release dump this week but from the first look, it is a definite improvement from its older brother, the Aerophone AE-10.

The Mini’s sleek and sensible design gets rid of those weird flappy panels that burdened the look of the AE-10. This new look for Roland’s aerophone series could mean a new era for the world of digital wind instruments.Aerophone Mini

Roland’s new Aerophone Mini could spark a new interest in digital wind instruments. The Mini leads the pack with its compact intuitive design.

Weighing in at only half and kilo and measuring 45cm, the Mini definitely lives up to its name. The instrument has a collection of saxophone, flute, violin, clarinet, trumpet, and synthesizer sounds built-in. And by connecting to the Aerophone mini Plus app via Bluetooth, you have instant access to over 50 more. Practising on the go is made simple with the built-in the speaker and headphone jack.

Roland believes the Mini to be the ‘Fastest instrument to learn‘, as opposed to guitar, piano and other wind instruments. The devices playable interface is based on the recorder and is thus quite intuitive to pick up and learn. The Plus app also comes packed with easy-to-follow lessons making it a perfect pairing for beginner musicians.

For more information visit Roland’s product page.