NO NO NO NO NO dish up a racing hot slice of punk perfection in Sunsets

Adelaide-based punk rockers NO NO NO NO NO have released a new single entitled Sunsets.

The group pride themselves on their combination of catchy pop-punk melodies with darker post-hardcore vibes, citing the likes of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Blink-182 as inspirations.

Adelaide punk band NO NO NO NO NO have released a hot new single entitled Sunsets, sure to go down a treat for all you punk lovers out there.

The intro features a gorgeous electric guitar riff akin to the catchy melodies of Blink-182, and gradually builds up with characteristic distorted power chord chugs of the electric guitar that are synonymous with the genre.

The song gradually builds up, becoming more and more uplifting as you listen. This is epitomised by the 2nd verse when the drum beat quickens up significantly in comparison to the 1st verse. In addition, the vocals become more melodic.

However, the uplifting nature of the melody is juxtaposed with the lyrics of the verse, lyrics that tend to suggest characters living in a state of denial: “I’ll pretend it’s alright, it’s okay, you’ll pretend it’s something else that I said, I’ll pretend you’re someone else and you’ll say, you’ll pretend it’s alright, it’s okay, It didn’t bother you this time last year.”

In reality, the lyrics recount a devastating breakup and how both parties involved deal with the situation. Smartly, the lyrics of the 2nd verse are repeated in the 4th verse, this time with a harsher vocal delivery. Perhaps this is a reflection of the individuals change in mindset in relation to the breakup, where before he was in denial and still hopeful, to a state of sheer anger.

If you’re a fan of catchy guitar riffs, classic pop punk vocals and sticky melodies, be sure to check Sunsets out. The group have really outdone themselves this time with a truly awesome punk track.

Listen to clip for Sunsets below: