No assembly required: IKEA debut Bluetooth speaker as their first-ever audio product

With a series of Bluetooth speakers, IKEA have debuted their first ever foray into the world of audio equipment.

The Enerby range are all square, designed to fit easily into a variety of furniture and storage options already available. The speakers are available in black and grey, or white by removing the mesh cover on the grey model.

ikea bluetooth speaker square enerby

For the first time ever, IKEA have expanded their catalogue with an audio product. Admittedly, the Enerby range looks sleek, but how does it sound?

A few months back we caught wind of IKEA’s partnership with the much-hyped gear makers Teenage Engineering, who are responsible for the infamous OP-1 synthesiser and their cutesy Pocket Operator series. It’s unclear if the Enerby speakers are the fruits of that collaboration – if not, we’re assuming there’s more audio products to come.

The speakers pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and also come with a 3.5mm AUX cable as a backup. A stand, wall mount and battery are all sold separately, the latter providing eight hours of mobile playback. A single knob adjusts volume, bass, and treble.

Enerby speakers come in both 8-inch and 12-inch models, with no assembly required. IKEA hasn’t provided any information about the size, power, or fidelity of the speaker itself.

Check them out on the IKEA website.

Via It’s Nice That.