IKEA drop a $3.50 bucket hat made from their big blue bags

IKEA just dropped a bucket hat made from the company’s iconic plastic bags. Your perfect summer outfit is now complete.

In case your aesthetic needs a little bit more Sweden in it, cop your own IKEA branded bucket hat from the company for the crazy price of $3.50. Watch yourselves, Gucci.

The KNORVA bucket hat is made using polypropylene, a tarp-like material from which the brand’s unmistakable 99 cent FRAKTA bag is made from. The bucket hat joins IKEA’s growing lineup of clothing and is the only item to use the same material as their bag, which recently spawned a copycat from boutique company Balenciaga for over $2000 USD.

Photo: IKEA

Whether we will see copycat KNORVA bucket hats popping up for outrageous prices is yet to be seen, but it’s likely you’ll be copping these at your local summer hotspots as they are nearly sold out across Australia.

You’ll have to be quick to score one, at time of publication there are 14 KNORVA bucket hats remaining at Tempe IKEA – one of which is going straight onto my head when I knock off, and will be an integral part of my summer look.

Photo: ACNE

When IKEA saw brands trying to rip their simple yet effective bag design off, they hit back swiftly with a graphic designed to help you know if your merchandise is legit. Since the bucket hats are the same material, refer to these simple rules in case you see a dodgy KNORVA going around.

Get yourself some bag for your head here.