IKEA and Asus ROG are working together to create affordable pro gaming gear

With an expected global release around October 2021, IKEA and Asus ROG are working together to create a line of affordable gaming products.

An unexpected partnership has formed to create an exciting line of gaming furniture and accessories. IKEA, the Swedish furniture powerhouse known for their DIY assembly based products, has partnered up with gaming tech giants Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) to provide pro gaming gear at an affordable price.

Designers and engineers are working together between the two companies to produce a line of around 30 gaming furniture and accessory products. IKEA and Asus ROG have been in contact with multiple pro gamers to get their feedback and input, making sure their designs will be practical and desirable.

Asus ROG Game Computer

Asus ROG are known for their accessible gaming technology, producing products like motherboards, graphics cards, displays, desktops, laptops, and phones. They also make accessories such as keyboards, mice and mouse pads, headsets, headphones, and audio devices, as well as bags, apparel, and gear like the ROG Chariot Core gaming chair.

IKEA have one desk currently designed for gaming, the FREDDE Desk, which is priced at $299. The new range will expand their gaming gear and provide more affordable options.

The initial release is set to begin in February 2021 for China, while other regions will get access to the products starting in October 2021.