Razer Cynosa V2 RBG Gaming Keyboard: Gear Review

Razer’s original Cynosa keyboard was an instant classic, a best-seller that took RGB lighting and delivered it to an entry level market. The Cynosa V2 expands on the fan favourite with a number of innovative, unexpected, and much-appreciated new features.

The V2 upgrade seems focused on quality of life improvements, meaning the keyboard doesn’t have an altogether different feel to its predecessor. That said, when you experience the new features, you’ll find it difficult to turn back. So what has changed? Let’s dive in.

razer cynosa v2 review gaming keyboard

Individually lit keys, media shortcuts, cable routing, and more: Razer lift a fan favourite that little bit higher on the Cynosa V2 RGB gaming keyboard.

Like its little brother, the Cynosa V2 uses quiet, cushioned keys that won’t be heard a couple of rooms away, or picked up by your mic if you’re streaming or plugged into voice chat. They’re nice to the touch, sitting flat by default but able to propped at an angle if that’s your preference.

The cherry-on-top improvements start with an upgrade to your RGB functionality. The V2 uses Razer’s same Chroma software to power the RGB engine, but this time each key is able to be individually lit, allowing for exponential new levels of customisation. The software, as many users will know, is user-friendly and ultra-deep, not to mention compatible with over 100 games straight out of the box.

Dedicated media keys are also new, a super useful addition for anyone who games while listening to their choice tunes. Not having to tab out of your game to pause, change songs, or adjust volume is a huge life-saver – especially in higher-stress or super immersive titles.

razer cynosa v2 review gaming keyboard

Another welcome upgrade is the three cable routing options – meaning you can choose whether your cable comes out of the keyboard’s top left, top centre, or top right. Chase that neat setup!

The build feels sturdy is and apparently spill resistant – though admittedly, I’m always a little too timid to test that one. It’s a full-length keyboard with the numpad included, and the media keys fit nicely into the layout without increasing the unit’s overall size.

With a retail price of $119.95 AUD, the Cynosa V2 is aimed at entry-level keyboard buyers, offering huge bang for buck. An RGB keyboard can be a huge improvement to your gaming space, and with a few welcome new features swirling in the mix, the Cynosa V2 is destined to be as popular as its wonderful predecessor.


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