We’re giving away a $199 IOGEAR Keymander 2 3Play keyboard and mouse switch!

Whether you’re live streaming or just want to play console games with a keyboard and mouse, the IOGEAR Keymander 2 3Play is a device with your name on it.

As the home setups of live streamers, gamers, and content creators get more intricate, more and more devices are being created to facilitate these kind of 21st century multimedia setups. The IOGEAR Keymander 2 3Play is one of those products: a switcher that allows you to play on multiple devices with your favourite keyboard and mouse.

This particular model allows you to switch between controlling up to three devices, such as a PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch. So if you’re tired of plugging in and out cables or want a competitive edge in your favourite multiplayer FPS, this is exactly what you’ve been after.

Keymander 2 3play

In addition to the hot-switching features, the K2 app allows you to assign custom key mapping, mouse sensitivity, macros, and more. With all this in the box, the Keymander 2 3Play usually retails for $199 AUD.

To enter, email [email protected] with ‘KeyMander’ in the subject line. Winners will be drawn on January 31st!

Please note: only Australian residents will be considered for the giveaway.

Find out more about the IOGEAR Keymander 2 3Play here.