The PS5 in Australia will be restocked soon: here’s how you can grab one

Australia is getting a new wave of PS5s after months of delays and an abysmal amount of issues. Here’s where you can get a PS5 in Australia.

Whether it was because of manufacturing or shipping issues, Sony has become infamous for massive delays when delivering the PS5 to customers in Australia. Heck, the entire rest of world has been affected as well.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Australia has copped it when it comes to trying to get our hands on gaming consoles. Yes, we may be thousands of kilometres away from the rest of the world, but it just hurts to be left out at times, you know? Luckily, if reports are to be believed, new shipments of PS5s will be available in Australia soon.

PS5 Australia

So where will the PS5 be available in Australia?

Now that we’re well into 2022, many stores are still struggling to keep up to date with the demand for PS5s in Australia. The leading stores that receive bursts of new stock have been Big W, The Gamesmen, JB Hi-Fi, and Target, with other stores intermittently taking on new orders.

Additionally, despite their website saying it’s currently unavailable, Amazon is preparing to take on new orders. The PS5 disc-edition can be found at this link, while the digital edition is right here.

Be wary that some stores still haven’t finished delivering their previous orders, some of which were taken many months ago.

How do I get in early?

The short answer is you can’t. Both Big W and Amazon haven’t even officially stated when they will be taking new orders, so that leaves those of us without a PS5 the tedious job of staking out their websites; in hope that a green button just pops up.

So try and be prepared and patient, it’s your best chance of getting a PS5 in Australia.

Latest PS5 stock updates

Update (January 18, 2022): It’s the new year and things seemed to have somewhat cooled off – likely a result of excess stock being pushed into retail stores for the Christmas period. As of today, Amazon was the most recent store to get new PS5 stock in Australia on January 14th. That stock has now sold out.

Update (December 23, 2021): Earlier this morning Target released and sold out of a new shipment of PS5s. It appears unlikely we will see any retailers making more stock available before Christmas, but rest assured we will keep vigilant as we approach the new year.

Update (December 14, 2021): A set of consoles from EB Games have come and gone, but expect more Amazon stock to arrive this week. Both the disc edition and the digital edition are expected to be on sale soon so keep an eye on those links.

Update (November 26 2021): There have been a bunch of PS5s made available in Australia via eBay. Unfortunately, the majority of listings do not have a ‘Buy It Now’ tag, and have already gone past the RRP for a PS5.

Update (November 10 2021): On the 9th of November, EB Games announced they had new stock available for pre-order in store. As of today, they’ve already pre-sold out and there are no updates on when more units will be available from them.

On the upside, they’re preventing scalpers from snatching units up with a $200 deposit and a one-per-person rule. Hopefully that means more of a chance for the rest of us in future.

Update (November 3 2021): Starting from November 1st, The Good Guys have begun taking pre-orders for PS5s and will continue to over the next seven weeks. Orders will need to be placed either in-store or over the phone and you’ll need to drop about $150 on the required 20% deposit if successful.

Stores will only have a limited supply and PS5 Stock Alerts Australia has included a tweet listing each store and their available units. With Christmas on the horizon you’ll have to be snappy! Good luck.

Update (October 22 2021) October 19 saw Amazon Australia, Target and Sony all make new stock available. Unfortunately, that stock has already been snapped up. There are some rumours flying around that Amazon may release more PS5 Digital Edition stock soon.

Update (September 30 2021) Yesterday some lucky folks managed to secure stock from Target Australia. While that allotment is now spoken for there is some evidence that Amazon Australia may have received stock at the same time. Previously they have released stock on Fridays, so it may be worthwhile keeping an eye on the following link tomorrow morning.

Update (August 26 2021) The most recent shipment of PS5 to arrive in Australia are reportedly a new model that is 300grams lighter. The new model, which hasn’t been officially announced by Sony, comes with a new product code: CFI-1102A. The reasons for this change in weight have yet to be determined.

Update (July 29 2021): Reports that Big W will be making a shipment of 2,000 PS5 consoles available today have hit a bit of a snag. A group of scalpers tweeted that they had managed to access the backend of Big W’s website before orders went live, scooping up an unfair amount of the new stock.

This led to Big W responding that they will not be honouring these orders. It appears that this fiasco has delayed the whole process (Big W’s PS5 store page is currently down), but also suggests that some retailers are sitting on new Australian PS5 stock. Be sure to remain vigilant and continue checking the relevant pages listed above.

We will provide further updates as they go live.

Update (July 8 2021): Amazon, Big W, Target and JB Hi-Fi have all allocated their most recent shipments and are not currently taking new orders. It is likely to be at least 2-3 weeks before a new shipment makes its way to Australia.

Update (June 17 2021): Sony has announced that PlayStation Direct will be getting new PS5 stock. What this means, is that you want to check your email for an invitation to purchase a PS5. If you haven’t registered your interest already, now might be a good time. Fingers crossed friends.

Update (June 8 2021): EB Games are currently taking pre-orders in store for the PS5 digital version with an expected ship date of late July. This is a fresh allocation from their previous drop in May. Godspeed.

Update (May 19 2021): We have confirmation that Amazon were taking orders for PS5s – both the disk and digital editions – until last night, the 18th. Unfortunately, the links are now showing an exhausted allocation once again.

Update (May 11 2021): We’ve received reports that EB games are accepting in-person pre-orders for both the digital and disc version of the PS5. We’ve verified this information with EB games clerks in Sydney’s CBD. As of 11:00 am they are still accepting pre-orders. Consoles will be shipped latest June, and only a $200 deposit is required.

Update (May 7 2021): Currently, it appears the stockists listed above aren’t taking any further orders. We will do our best to provide updates on this page as news becomes available. However, Sony Australia has introduced a feature that claims to offer up-to-date information on upcoming availability. To access this they require signing up with an email address. So no guarantees, but it might help you jump into the queue as soon as a single PS5 in Australia becomes available. Click through here to sign up.