‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ leaks, and yep it’s an emulation

The highly anticipated Super Mario 3D All-Stars, set to drop this Friday, has been revealed as emulated versions of the original games.

Leaked copies of Super Mario 3D All-Stars reveal that all three games are emulations, proving fan theories correct.

The Switch game is set to drop September 18th, initially announced during the Mario 35th Anniversary Nintendo Direct. The new release includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. 

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Screenshot

Some fans have expressed distaste about multiple facets of the release – not only are the games emulated, but they also have a high pre-order price, and the popular Super Mario Galaxy 2 has not been mentioned for any future re-release.

Fans who have dug through the available files have revealed some unsatisfactory aspects of the game, including a file titled “lazy_texture_replace”. Compared to amazing fan-created ports of the games, these files aren’t inspiring confidence in Nintendo.

A well known data miner named OatmealDome stated in a Tweet that Sunshine and Galaxy are running under an emulator names ‘Hagi’, based on the Wii and Gamecube versions of the games. Mario 64 seems to be running under an N64 emulator.

The game is also facing some discontent about the limited availability, however despite the issues, Super Mario 3D All-Stars is still being pre-ordered at a record pace by players keen to explore – or re-discover – the older games. Just because it’s an emulation, doesn’t mean these games will suddenly not be fun.

The fact remains, they’re stone-cold classics. Many players are excited to play these games on a modern, portable system, as well as enjoying the higher resolution the Switch will bring.

Alongside the titles themselves, players will be able to listen to 175 iconic tunes from the trio of games, and the co-op Star Mode in Galaxy can be activated with a Joy-Con controller in the hands of a friend.


Super Mario 3D All-Stars will be available until March 31st 2021. Find out more here.