A new Mario Kart game will let you drive in your real life home

Nintendo have just announced that they’re releasing a real-life version of Mario Kart that you can play in your own home.

Mario Kart is a classic childhood staple. It’s the game siblings fight over, friends compete with, and it gives the ultimate bragging right to whoever wins.

Well, Nintendo, the beloved home of Mario Kart, just announced that you can control a real-life Kart in your own home. Introducing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

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Essentially, the new game allows you to build your own track wherever you see fit. Placing four gates on the floor, you can set up your course in whatever direction you want your kart to take. As you play virtually, your physical kart will be controlled by the movements you make in the game.

The game’s multiplayer function allows up to four people (as long as they have their own sets) and you can even race your in-game opponents. Another impressive feature is that whatever happens in the game will impact the real life kart itself. For example, you hit a mushroom? The kart will speed up. Hit a red shell? Your kart spins out.

Set to launch October 16, The game comes as two sets and you can either get the classic Mario or Luigi. Each set comes with one kart, four gates, two arrow markers and a USB charging cable.

Of course, the internet has gone absolutely wild, and Twitter is completely here for it: