Nintendo fans are losing it over Paper Mario: The Origami King’s in-game water

Nintendo’s American Twitter account just posted a video of in-game water. No context, just a clip of virtual water from Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Released for the Nintendo Switch, Paper Mario: The Origami King lets players explore the charming origami Mushroom Kingdom along with its water physics. In fact the water in this game is so incredible, Nintendo has even decided to upload a ten second video featuring it.

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Nintendo posted a literal video of in-game water from Paper Mario: The Origami King. Everyone lost their minds.

“Nice water”. The post was most likely designed to simply generate banter and interact with the community, but fans are going ballistic in the comments section. Video game physics are an important feature in making the virtual world realistic, but perhaps Nintendo and its fans have taken in-game water just a little too seriously.

From criticism directed towards the game to praise and equally hilarious meme responses, the comments section of this Twitter post is certainly packed with content. One user responds to the video of in-game water with: 

“If only it were in a better game. One where there are RPG elements in a RPG game series known for its RPG elements and humor designed to actually be funny rather than to just be shared on social media. One that is actually worth $60 instead of this overpriced trash” expressing anguish and frustrations.

The majority of the comments share the consensus of appreciating Nintendo’s goofy sense of humour, but some others do use it as an outlet to vent and critique. All we can say is that Nintendo has some nice, nice water.