People are panic buying the Nintendo Switch, and the internet is mad

Toilet paper was just the beginning, folks. Now it’s almost just as difficult to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch.

With many of us having to batten down the hatches for a while due to coronavirus, there is likely never going to be a better time to grab that gaming console you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t committed to. However, you should act fast to pick up a Switch, as it is quickly selling out from almost everywhere.


Amid the coronavirus crisis, people are bunkering down and panic-buying the Nintendo Switch. They are quickly disappearing from retailers everywhere.

Both online and offline retailers are feeling the effects, as COVID-19 regulations are putting a limit on manufacturing capabilities, resulting in an insanely high demand for an insanely low supply. The official Nintendo store is completely out of stock, ditto for Amazon. Luckily, a few Australian retailers have a handful Lite versions available for purchase, although it seems that the standard model is rapidly disappearing.

In other places around the globe, people haven’t been so fortunate. However, the dearth in Switch’s has produced some quality memes (the most 2020 sentence ever written).