What would a Ringo Starr biopic even look like? Twitter has a few ideas

News of four upcoming biopics for each member of The Beatles has sent the Twittersphere alight, as fans debate what a movie about Ringo Starr might entail

Yesterday, news broke that each member of The Beatles will be the subject of his own biopic, directed by Sam Mendes.

The upcoming tetralogy is slated for release in 2027, and will mark the first scripted Beatles films with rights to the bandmate’s life stories and music catalogues. 

Ringo Starr biopic

Mendes, who has previously directed films like American Beauty and Skyfall, sought permission from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison to make the films.

“I’m honoured to be telling the story of the greatest rock band of all time,” Mendes said in a press statement, “and excited to challenge the notion of what constitutes a trip to the movies.”

Each of the four movies will take the point of view of a different Beatles member, with various points where their stories intersect. All slated for a 2027 premiere, Sony Pictures promised an “innovative and groundbreaking” release strategy for the biopics.

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Casting for the film has yet to be announced, though fans have suggested Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield and 1917’s George Mackay to play McCartney and Harrison, respectively, among others. 

While the legacy and impact of The Beatles certainly warrants four standalone movies, fans have flocked to social media to share their thoughts on what Starr’s biopic in particular might look like.

While the lives of bandmates are filled with enough dramatic moments to sustain a feature-length retelling — from Lennon’s assassination to Harrison’s solo career — one is forced to wonder what experiences might appear in Starr’s film. 

Ringo Starr biopic
Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Taking to Twitter, users have speculated on what Mendes might draw from for his Starr biopic, hilariously comparing it to the known dramas of his bandmates.

From his brief stint at acting to his request to stop receiving fan letters, here’s Twitter’s best theories around what Ringo Starr’s biopic might look like.