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Check out an immaculate Super Mario 64 port on PC

Have you been suffering from Super Mario 64 withdrawals since the last millennium? Well, if you’re gaming on a PC, relief is here. A fan-made port of the classic Nintendo 64 title has been made for PC, which runs smoothly and looks fantastic.

It’s not like Super Mario 64 hasn’t been modded before, but this takes the art to a new level, offering support for 4K resolution on PC, powered by DirectX 12 all without the need for a PC emulator.Super Mario 64 PORT

The Super Mario 64 experience with 2020 power. A PC port of the famous title has emerged on YouTube, showing that it’s possible to play vintage with current specs.

Super Mario 64 was decompiled last year, which could have been the source for this new port. This makes it easier for modders to reverse engineer their old-school favourites.

Obviously, the resolution of the original game comes nowhere near the specs that we’re accustomed to today, but in taking advantage of DirectX 12, the port can adopt more realistic visuals and faster frame rates. Enjoying it with up to date resolution and modern widescreen is also possible.

We doubt that it would have escaped the attention of Nintendo, so it could be a short life before this port is snuffed out. In the meantime, check out out the glorious gameplay below, which appears via the Unreal YouTube channel.