The Seraphina is Red Witch’s fiery new fuzz pedal

New Zealand-based guitar pedal company Red Witch have just announced their new Seraphina fuzz pedal in a limited run of 100 on their Reverb site.

The Seraphina (based on seraphinus, Latin for fiery) is an aggressive octave-fuzz pedal that ranges from “incredibly searing, laser beam tones to the bass heavy ‘American Woman’ sound”.Seraphina

New Zealand-based company Red Witch have just released their new Seraphina fuzz, a hand-made octave fuzz that’s  limited to a run of 100.

A footswitch allows players to engage and disengage the high octave which can be dialled in even more via a top-side mounted knob that controls the flavour of the octave sound. The octave sound can go from piercing and fiery to a heavy blend of the octave and the regular fundamental fuzz sound.

On a guitar solo, the high octave can provide synth-like, spluttering sounds, or overtones that thicken up a lead. In fact, the octave also sounds massive on a bass guitar, as can be heard half-way through this demo.

The other knobs control the level of the effect and the overall fuzz girth”, allowing users to conjure up what Red Witch describes as “a leviathanic wall of fuzz”.

Red Witch pedals are handmade in New Zealand “the old way”, and given that the Seraphina is only available in a limited run of 100 on Reverb, potential buyers will have to be quick!

More info can be found on Red Witch’s website.