Man arrested for isolating on an abandoned Disney World island

We’ve all been urged to engage in social distancing, however one man from Florida has taken this advice one step further as he tried to isolate himself on an abandoned Disney World island.

Richard McGuire was arrested on Discovery Island on Thursday, having already been there for three days.

The 42-year-old man was planning on isolating on the Disney World island for a week, however, his time was cut short by police.

His mistake? There were reports he used a company boat on the day of his arrest, however, the man claims to have been asleep during the search for him, which was carried out using a helicopter and a boat – a bit excessive for a one-man search party.

According to the arrest report, McGuire claimed to be unaware of the “No trespassing” signs, also stating that the island “looked like a tropical paradise.”

My question: How did he get there? It’s literally an island. He must have had a boat, proving his intention to seek out the island itself.

Image: Google Images

The former paradise for exotic bird species was shut down in 1999, with the animals being relocated to the Animal Kingdom attraction.

Who knows the man’s intentions behind hiding out there. Maybe he was sick of the coronavirus fiasco and actually thought it was an island. Was he sober? Was he trying to hide from something?

Maybe he just really missed Disney World, and since it’s been dubbed “the happiest place on Earth”, he decided to go there to try to ease his COVID anxieties. Who knows.