Online searches for “how to cut a mullet” have skyrocketed in lockdown

Let me basically sum up what you’re about to read in four words: just don’t do it. We’re all bored in iso, many of us are overdue for a trim. But many are deciding to go overboard and give themselves a “new iso look”, with the mullet coming back into fashion.

Research has surfaced regarding what people are Googling in relation to hair and beauty, and the findings are pretty interesting.

We can now see that there as been a 124% jump in the search “how to cut a mullet” over the isolation period, which, for some reason, isn’t so surprising.

The mullet has been resurfacing in people’s lives thanks to Joe Exotic’s infamous look in Tiger King and general 80s fashion back in style.

The search “how to cut men’s hair”, has seen also seen an increase, jumping up 632%.

Instead of going for the full mullet look, it may be a smarter idea to stick with a neat trim or buzzcut if you’re good with the clippers.

But if you do wanna try out a new look, check out your local salon’s socials for some DIY tips and tricks, such as this video from Ziggy’s Barber Salon.


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Let’s do this guys let’s cut our own hair.. let’s teach isolation who’s boss! #dontfuckingdoit #ziggyspeople

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Otherwise if you’re keen on the mullet look, let the Mullets of Instagram page inspire your next look.

Just remember, it’s not a breakup; just isolation. But you do you.