Instead of going outside, attempt these iconic recipes from 'The Simpsons'

Instead of going outside, attempt these iconic recipes from ‘The Simpsons’

Key word: attempt. So you’re going a little stir crazy whilst coronavirus is forcing all this free time on your hands? Sick of binge watching The Simpsons or The Office and feel like you should be more productive? Once again, we have the solutions to all your problems.

We’ve compiled a list of the most iconic snacks and beverages from The Simpsons and we’ve linked you with the recipes. Happy eating!

iconic recipes from the simpsons steamed hams

Enjoy a list of your favourite cakes, cheeky bevs, and hot chocolate marshmallows from everyone’s favourite cartoon The Simpsons.


We couldn’t start the list without a bang. So to kick us off, right here you can find a recipe to make the iconic pink glazed and sprinkled doh-nut.

And no, it’s not the forbidden kind. You’re safe.

Marge’s Dessert Hot Dogs

Remember that iconic bake off Marge entered with her Dessert Hot Dogs? You know the ones – groundbreaking and mouthwatering

Disney+ has shared the very detailed recipe below, courtesy of Elise Stratchan aka MyCupcakeAddiction.


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Duff Gardens Beer Smoothie

Next up we have the refreshing Duff Gardens Beer Smoothie. Have a crack at this one at your next drink up with the gang.

Check out the recipe here, and know it’s 100% Selma approved. Not that it means much.

To A Whale Of A Wife Cake

We are all a big fan of a little romance in our lives, and Homer knows how to do it best. Well, sometimes. This special cake is the best of both worlds – sweet as hell, if a little underwhelming. Homer to a tee!

Introducing the To A Whale Of A Wife Cake.

Moon Waffles

Few Simpsons recipes are as extra as this – waffles lit up with booze, sauces, and probably enough calories to knock down a manatee. But damn, they look tasty.

Check out the recipe for Homer’s infamous Moon Waffles below.


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Hot Chocolate Marshmallow

Bart knows how to do a few things well. Piss off Lisa, ride a skateboard and cause a ruckus. He also knows a thing or two about a good ol’ Hot Chocolate Marshmallow, a piece of Simpsons gastronomy that had me salivating every time this episode came on.

Check out the recipe here.

Ned’s Five Alarm Chilli

Next we have a good old fashioned chilli recipe for a hearty winter dinner. Simple and delicious, leave it up to Flanders to give us something so practical for an easy mid-week meal.

It’s a terrible pun, but hey, it’s Flanders. Find out how to cook his ‘Five Alarm’ Chilli here.

Steamed Hams

Did someone say Steamed Hams?

The loveable Principle Skinner has a few tricks up his sleeve, and this one’s a stand out. Find out how to cook it below, but please don’t harass your house guests – no matter how steamed your hams.


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Marge’s Homemade Pepsi

Marge can certainly be a bit of a busy-body, definitely giving Kath from Kath and Kim a run for her money. But she is also always putting everyone else’s interests at heart.

Check out the recipe for the homemade Pepsi she conjured up for Lisa’s school dance.

Maggagie’s Birthday Cake

Last but never least, we have a beauty for you to try out. Does the Maggagie’s Birthday Cake ring any bells?

Well it should, and you can bet I’ll be making this one for my next birthday shindig.


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If you manage to be successful (or not) at re-creating any of these iconic cuisines from The Simpsons, chuck us a pic in our Facebook comments. Don’t be shy.