Someone redirected the Antifa website to Joe Biden’s campaign site, and Trump supporters are losing their minds

Anti-fascist political group’s website antifa.com redirects to Joe Biden’s campaign website as Trump supporters lose their minds.

Donald Trump’s supporters lost their minds over Twitter yesterday after it was discovered that for a period of time during the day, anti-fascist political movement Antifa’s website, antifa.com, redirected users to Joe Biden’s website, JoeBiden.com.

The political movement utilising both non-violent and directly violent action have loudly opposed President Trump, who has blamed the group for unrest and violent protests in recent months.

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Now, on the same day that Biden appointed Kamala Harris as his running mate, the website mishap was discovered to the delight of Trump supporters. Antifa.com has been an active site since 2001 and has been renewed every year since it was taken over in April 2002.

While it’s obvious to some that the redirect could merely be the work of the domain owner, it hasn’t stopped Trump supporters from believing that Trump’s opposing candidate could be in charge of Antifa itself.

The ordeal even led one reporter from far-right news network OANN to ask Trump about the redirect in a press conference.

The redirect has since been fixed, with the website now displaying an error message, seemingly proving that the entire thing was nothing but a hoax – with the domain owner, or as Trump supporters want you to believe, Joe Biden – caught in the act.

Another day, another conspiracy.