Of course, Trump is already taking aim at Kamala Harris. But he’s not having much luck

I mean bottom line, she is a woman and Trump is a rampant misogynist. That seems like the simple answer to that headline. But Donald Trump has come out and directly said that Kamala Harris is “the kind of opponent everyone dreams of.”

Could it be because she is a smart, strong, and outspoken woman of colour who would put up a more-than-fair fight as Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick? Of course not. It’s easy to see that Trump is threatened by Harris in his latest social media rants.

kamala harris, donald trump

Trump has already taken aim at Joe Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris, even going as far as to say that she’s bad with facts. Well, ain’t that pot calling the kettle black?

Trump alleged soon after it was announced that Kamala Harris would be Biden’s vice-presidential pick that she was a dream candidate due to her radical-leftist prospect.

Taking to social media to voice his elation, it soon became clear that the opposite was actually true when an Axios report revealed that Harris was the least desired VP candidate that the Trump camp wanted to face. According to Axios, the other potential candidates were viewed as much easier for Trump to turn voters against, whereas Harris remains a very strong opponent.

Tacking the same tact as his father, Trump’s son, Eric, was spotted favouriting a degrading Twitter post about Harris before later deleting it:

Overall, it’s quite logical that Biden would select Harris for the position, as the decision goes against Trump’s most formidable campaign narrative that Biden is a “puppet” of the more radical players of his party. But now all Trump really has to play with is drawing on Harris’ alleged incapacity after she was forced to drop out as one of the leading candidates running against Biden for Democratic presidential nominee. In reality, she was defunded.

Nice try Trump, stay tuned to see what he tries to pull against her next.