Twitter slams NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard for misogynistic attack on Jodi Mckay

It’s almost like Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech didn’t happen. Or maybe NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard just completely missed it. After appearing in NSW Parliament, Hazzard has been called out for his incredibly poor treatment of Labor Leader and Strathfield MP, Jodi McKay, during Question Time.

Captured in a video since posted on Twitter, the attack has sparked outrage.

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Photo: Bianca de Marchi/AAP

“This is Brad Hazzard. The man in charge of keeping us safe”: NSW Health Minister called out for hateful attack on Labor Leader Jodi McKay.

Following the event, McKay, who is the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of NSW, took to Twitter to share an edited video of Hazzard’s behaviour during the sitting, indicating that the attack was a response to being questioned about a potential mask shortage in NSW.

“Brad Hazzard indicated today that NSW may have a shortage of face masks,” McKay described in the post. “So we asked him about it in Question Time on your behalf. His rude response was unfitting of the Minister in charge of our pandemic response.”

The video includes clips where McKay is referred to as a “goose”, “a pork chop”, and repeatedly called “stupid” and “irrelevant”. 

“When I was a teacher many years ago, there were a couple of kids in the class like you, and normally they went out to sixth pretty quickly – because that’s where you should be going, carrying on like that. That’s just stupid,” Hazzard described to McKay at one point in just one of many condescending attacks.

Later he asserts: “If I was sitting next to someone like you on a bus, I would definitely have a mask on.”

At numerous points, Speaker Jonathan O’Dea tries to silence Hazzard.

“Thank you, Mr Speaker,” McKay responds. “He’s a Health Minister, I would ask that he stop attacking me over the table and just answer the question.”

The hateful incident has been slammed by Twitter users, including reporters and fellow MPs.

Elsewhere, people have called for Hazzard’s resignation.

Many have called upon Premier Gladys Berejiklian, asking how she can possibly condone such behaviour from Hazzard. Some users have pointed to deeper problems in the culture of the Liberal Party.

As NSW Health Minister, it was under Hazzard’s watch that the 2,647 passengers of the Ruby Princess cruise ship were allowed to disembark back in March, amidst the rapidly developing pandemic situation. It was a move which ultimately resulted in hundreds of coronavirus cases and more than 20 deaths, forever shaping the pandemic situation in Australia.

McKay has been applauded for her handling of the attack.