Meet the Midilooper: the latest inventive release from Bastl Instruments

Meet the Midilooper: the latest inventive release from Bastl Instruments

The Czech Republic-based Bastl Instruments has released Midilooper — a device that lets you loop MIDI messages in a fashion similar to an audio looper. Bastl Instruments specialise in experimental equipment whose functionality and design “open new possibilities for composing and live performances.”

Their instrumental inventions are often niche, with previous releases including a robot-operated digital tape machine and an audio click to modular clock sync tool. The company’s philosophy: innovative instruments can stimulate new sources of creativity.Midilooper Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments’ latest release, Midilooper, makes it possible to unlock the creative flow when using multiple MIDI devices.

Midilooper is designed to enhance creative flow by easily layering MIDI messages. It has three voices that can be assigned to different MIDI channels, meaning you can use up to three different MIDI devices. Alternating between the three channels is easily accessible, reducing the risk of interrupting the flow state.

Aside from looping options, Midilooper also includes audio manipulation features such as octave transposition, overdub and velocity lock. Since Midilooper allows the consolidation of MIDI devices into a singular interface, it would perfectly compliment a live performance that uses several instruments that receive MIDI signals, like synths, drum machines and Eurorack rigs.

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