Skegss dream big on electrifying new single ‘Fantasising’

Skegss are back with a feel-good new single and video clip Fantasising, their first release since Under The Thunder.

The much loved Aussie surf-rock trio Skegss are back with their new single Fantasising, a breezy song filled with escapist charm that encapsulates that fine balance of daydreaming about the future, whilst not being finished with the wild times of the past.

Written by lead singer Benjamin Reed, Fantasising encapsulates the quintessential nostalgic feeling that Skegss so effortlessly bring to their cruisy yet grungy signature sound. It’s a sentiment that runs throughout their discography, continuously puncturing through the distorted rock energy of each song.

Skegss Fantasising

The video that accompanies the track is equally as great, and despite all the ruckus going on in the clip, it manages to remain fairly blasé. Directed by Kai Neville, the absurdity and energy of the film is undercut by the nonchalant tone that he evokes within his work. Fantasising marks his third collaboration with the band.

The film clip opens up with a German shepherd in a pair of white sunnies. As the dog steals the spotlight in the forefront of the frame, the viewer is treated to visuals of a weathered-looking codger in the background – complete with a classic flannelette shirt, some greying dreadies, and a long beard – as he gracefully holds a schooey. The boys then rock up to the pub with their gear in hand and make their way to the small stage, passing more dogs along the way.

As the catchy riffs and raspy rock vocals continue, the film clip switches back and forth between montages of the band performing at the intimate dive-bar, and them drinking beers whilst acting as onlookers to the scenes unfolding around them (which now includes a bunch of wildlife running amok). Spotted in and amongst the merry pub-goers are bearded dragons, goats, a large carpet snake, an alpaca, and a cute lil’ old lady partaking in some knitting.

Perhaps the best bit of the electrifying track comes blaring in at 2 minutes and 35 seconds, welcoming in a killer guitar solo that lasts for a mesmerising 13 seconds. Far too short, but so damn exciting, and certainly catchy enough to have this one blasting through the speakers for weeks.


Fantasising is out now via Loma Vista Recordings, grab your copy here.