TYDE conjure universes of folk-rock on their debut single ‘Skin On Skin’

TYDE have burst through with a debut for the ages. Rich and poignant, Skin on Skin is a stirring ode to vulnerability and relationships.

Ella Belfanti is back, but in a way that we’ve never seen her before. Teaming up with sister Zoe on bass and Josh Garnett on drums, her latest project TYDE is a trio ready to shake up the industry and re-write music as we know it.

Armoured in glistening choruses and echoing nuance, their debut single, Skin on Skinis easily one of the strongest debuts that this year has seen. It feels both intimate and universal all at once, managing to capture grand and fleeting moments to perfection. It’s a track that’s in for the long haul.


Skin on Skin is one of those tracks that captures you from the moment it begins. Championing the intricate guitar melodies and lyricism that we have come to know from Belfanti, the track boasts the perfect blend of grit and gossamer that allows their message to poignantly shine through.

At its core, Skin on Skin is an ode to those who feel lost among the crowd. Ebbing and flowing through rich, folk soundscapes, the track perfectly captures the disjointed loneliness that we can feel through our lives.


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Skin On Skin is out on Unearthed! Thank you for checking out our tune @declanbyrneee! Have you checked it out yet? Chuck it a review if ya like ❤️ link in our biooooo

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“A visceral story of seeking connection and feeling detached, ‘Skin On Skin’ builds from vulnerable minimalism to a massive string section-stuffed climax,” the band’s bio explains. “TYDE’s debut single reflects on an experience of no-strings-attached intimacy and the emotional repercussions.”

Bursting with narrative and soul, the track perfectly highlights the band’s songwriting ability and limitless talents. TYDE are a group that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Check out the track below: