Puremagnetik’s Cloudmaster unlocks a new world of nebulous sounds

Cloudmaster is the latest offering from Puremagnetik. It’s a spectral space processor that’s perfect for lush, ambient and experimental soundscapes.

Cloudmaster is the latest Spark plugin from Puremagnetik, dubbed a spectral space processor. Similar to previous releases, the Cloudmaster concept is proudly unorthodox and aims to get musicians and engineers to think (and play) outside the box. 

Cloudmaster is a multifunction space processor that creates reverberant sounds, with warped and glitchy textural elements. Due to its atmospheric leanings, Puremagnetik says that the plugin is targeted towards “sounds designers, ambient producers and experimental sonic artists”. 

Puremagnetik Cloudmaster

It’s based around two segment loopers that have fixed beginning points but varied endings. When the loopers are adjusted it creates overlapping phrases of incoming audio. Crossfade was deliberately excluded to avoid clicking and other audible artifacts.

Other notable aspects of the Cloudmaster include a segment looper, spectral blurring tool, a waveshaper, and a pitch shifter. All in all, it offers the user an opportunity to reimagine the fabric of their sounds and create something truly otherworldly. 

If you are subscribed to Spark, you’ll recieve instant access to Cloudmaster. It can also be bought as a stand alone product. For all the details, head over to the Puremagnetik website.