Meet the Tula: the tiny mic for all your home recording needs

The Tula is an exquisitely designed miniature microphone that is made to capture clean, crisp sound with minimum fuss.

Swedish company Tula have released their first product, the Tula microphone. It’s a small and very portable multipurpose microphone that Tula claim is the “only capturing sound device you’ll ever need“. Tula was designed in collaboration with the Russian-based Soyuz microphones, who have an established pedigree in crafting handmade, boutique studio microphones.

The Tula has its own internal memory and battery power that lasts up to 12 hours, meaning it can function without a computer for extended periods of time. It also features USB-C connection, an ultra-fast connection for remote work, interviews, podcasting and more. 

Tula microphone

A noise-reducing algorithm has been installed in the mic’s firmware, allowing you to eliminate invasive sounds with a single button. This noise reduction feature is particularly useful if recording outside or in an uncontrolled acoustic environment. Immediate playback is possible with the inclusion of headphone jack. The jack also doubles up as an input for the a clip-on lavalier microphone.

On top of all this functionality, the Tula’s features a striking aesthetic. With classic lines, it comes in red, cream or black.

The microphone is yet to hit the shelves but to find out more, go to the website.