Jack River and Montaigne to perform at Sydney’s Climate Strike

The international climate strike is happening today, with millions of concerned protesters expected to take part all over the world.

If saving the planet wasn’t reason enough to attend, Montaigne and Jack River will be performing at the Sydney strike.

Photo: Brooke Tunbridge

“Students around the globe know and feel the future they are inheriting and I am proud to stand with them today to fight for it… the global climate crisis is a human rights, economic, energy, environmental and welfare issue that will affect the course of humanity and our planet as we know” Jack River stated on her Instagram.

Australians today will be protesting for action from the Federal Government in regards to the dangerous climate emergency Australia is experiencing, with thousands of school students skipping school to join in on what really matters.

The strike wants the Federal Government to commit to no new coal, oil or gas projects, 100 percent renewable energy generation and exports by 2030, and funding for a smooth transition and job creation for current fossil fuel industry employees and communities.

Montaigne mentioned on her Instagram that she will be singing for all the people who can’t get out of work today in hope that “socialism reigns someday, or else some sooner justice.” 

But if you can get out into your local community and stand up for future generations, please do because climate strike desperately needs “actions, not words.”

You can catch Jack River and Montaigne performing in Sydney’s Domain today from midday.