The City of Sydney has declared a Climate Emergency

The City of Sydney has declared a Climate Emergency

It’s official – councillors of the City of Sydney have declared that climate change should be treated as a national emergency in Australia.

In response to the United Nations’ report warning that urgent, widespread action was required to suppress a global two degrees Celsius temperature increase, many councils around Australia have declared a ‘climate emergency’.

Photo: SBS

Sydney has officially declared a climate emergency, with councillors voting that climate change is a serious risk to Australia and the world.

On Monday night Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore asked the City of Sydney council to call upon the Federal Government to act and respond to the climate emergency by reinstating a carbon price that meets the Paris Agreement on emissions reduction targets.

Via Twitter, the Lord Mayor announced that after this vote, the City of Sydney has officially declared a climate emergency.

Back in 2007, the City of Sydney revealed its long-term strategic management plan Sustainable Sydney 2030, which demonstrated that 97% of residents demanded strong climate action, which has now become a top priority for the council.

This is a strong step forward for the City of Sydney as it puts them on the map for climate emergency and conscious recognition.