Clover Moore suggests lockout law exemptions for “well-managed” live music venues

In a recent statement, Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore stated that she is working towards making specific live music venues, bars and other nightlife spots exempt from lockout laws if they are well managed.

Moore spoke to the Industry Observer about the future plans for certain venues in Sydney.

We are working with our community of passionate and creative people who run Sydney’s night-time businesses to create an environment where well-managed venues can thrive – but we need the State Government to get on board.”

Moore stated detrimental impact of the current lockout laws, and the importance of encouraging diversity within the Australian night-time economy for the sake of our local and global reputation.

“The [lockout] laws came at the expense of Sydney’s global reputation, tourism and hospitality industry.”

Moore went on to say that the issues that facilitated the original legislation have since been managed by most venues and that the correct course of action has been adopted by owners to rectify the problems.

We knew what the problem was – too many venues in one area, not enough public transport late at night, lifetime liquor licences that reduce accountability of venues, and a planning system that doesn’t recognise when an area has become saturated.”

Moore echoed the sentiments of a huge array Australian musicians and venue owners, who blame the governments OTT rules and regulations for Sydney’s dwindling nightlife.

“We need to get both right – it’s not a question of one or the other,”

“I am calling on the state government to use the liquor regulations to encourage live music and entertainment venues – which is already one of the objectives of the Liquor Act.”

Via The Industry Observer.