Spicks & Specks fans get ready, the OG cast is coming back this November

ABC has just announced that our favourite music quiz show, Spicks & Specks, will be returning this November to help celebrate Ausmusic month.

Host Adam Hills plus team Captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst have been confirmed to kick off the show, which will be the trio’s first time reuniting on television since 2011.

The Spicks & Specks reunion will be an hour long, one-off special that will feature the entire original cast and some special guests for the first time since the show’s finale in 2011.

The other members splitting off on the show will feature iconic Aussie musicians including Briggs, Ricki Lee Coulter and of course some of the country’s favourite comedians, Frank Woodley and Denise Scott.

ABC organisers have promised that the show will return in all its glory, with OG games and challenges, live performances and change makers in the Australian music industry from past and present.

Double J’s Myf Warhurst was pretty excited for the return, despite it being nearly eight years since the show’s end.

I absolutely can’t wait to do this, I am so excited to get the band back together for the reunion.”

“Sure, a few years have passed, a few more grey hairs have appeared, many things have dropped and I promise you we’ll be a bit slower on the buzzers answering questions, but we’re ready to do this. An added bonus is that this reunion is all about celebrating and showcasing Australian music for Ausmusic month so we were all easily convinced.”

Adam Hills also seemed pretty pumped to be reuniting with his Spicks & Specks cast mates for one last crack up of a farewell.

“Like most music acts, Myf, Alan and I are getting the band back together for one last gig, unlike most music acts, we all still get along with each other, and can’t wait to spend some time in each other’s company.”

No official dates for the reunion have been announced but it’s predicted the show will return early November to kick off music month.

Via Pedestrian.