Fender have unveiled new guitars from their Made in Japan series
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Fender have unveiled new guitars from their Made in Japan series

The Made in Japan series has enjoyed a long history of success with Fender fans across the globe. Fender has added to the lineup with swag of new models.

Fender’s Made in Japan guitars have been a long-time favourite of many players around the world. They offer great quality at much lower prices than their American counterparts, and Fender has now added a handful of new models to the series.

Among the new collection of guitars from this series are a Jazzmaster, Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Fender Made in Japan

While the guitars are new, they take their cues from Fender’s unparalleled back catalogue. The Traditional 60s Jazzmaster, for example, has all the vintage looks of the original, packaged in a floral finish.

Taking it back a decade further, the Traditional 50s Stratocaster features vintage-style pickups, synchronised tremolo bridge and the unique touch of racing stripes to complete the look.

The Traditional Stratocaster XII encapsulates the authentic sound of a ’65 Strat in the form of a 12 string, while the Mahogany Offset Telecaster combines a Jazzmaster body with a Tele neck.

The new models are slated for release in the US soon, with worldwide availability yet to be confirmed.

Check out the Fender website for the full range.