Red Witch launches a new space odyssey with Binary Star

Red Witch launches a new space odyssey with Binary Star

Red Witch Pedals, famous for its adventures in sonic exploration, has released the Binary Star Time Modulator.

For a long time, we have been huge fans of Boutique New Zealand pedal company, Red Witch, and this brand new release does not disappoint. The Binary Star Time Modulator rightly earns a place the company’s unique catalogue.

It is essentially a delay pedal with modulation, however, you would be silly to dismiss it that quickly. The Binary Star’s simple interface, coupled with expansive routing possibilities will send you down endless rabbit holes of ambience.

Red Witch Binary Star

Firstly, it can be used in mono or stereo mode (the wet and dry signals are split), then the beautiful big purple Universe knob increases the delay time whilst reducing the delay time in the last sweep like a classic analog delay. Replicate either controls the repeats in longer delay lengths or resonance in the shorter delay lengths. Very Cool.

Whilst the Mix knob is fairly self-evident the Velocity and Depth work together as the rate and depth of the modulation. These work interactively with the velocity knob in that when the Universe delays are longer increasing the depth will reduce the overall delay setting.

The two toggle switches and their witch-like symbols (Well, the astrological symbol for Saturn on the left and the Zodiac symbol for Gemini on the right) add extra dimensions. The Saturn/Left toggle switch increases or reduces delay (left for less delay, right for more) and the Gemini/Right toggle switch to determine the flavour of the wet signal on the right (left for a warmer sound, right for a brighter sound).

In any case, this is a welcome addition to any guitarist’s pedalboard from indie shoe-gazers to even country music players as they demo a ‘Space Cowboy’ setting in the below video.

For more exploration head over to Red Witch Pedals.