Markia explores female empowerment on his latest hip-hop jam 'CANDY'

Markia explores female empowerment on his latest hip-hop jam ‘CANDY’

Bursting with bright tonality and a totally infectious beat, Markia takes his R&B/pop sound and applies it with a message of self-worth.

Melbourne based artist and producer Markia embodies the modern rise, and rise again, of hip-hop. Crooning with classic R&B-pop likeability and yet speaking to great optimistic substance, Markia sings of female empowerment and admiration: a nice change of pace for the genre. He navigates the synopsis with class and fruitful production.

Teasing the release of his debut album FREEDOM SZN, this latest single is an aptly titled song. On first listen, CANDY is sugary and steeped in high-tempo beat samples. Once the supremely treated vocals sink in, it becomes more transparent that the themes are of a supportive and welcome feminist approach. Ephemerally summery, CANDY is an ode to tropical vibes and a celebration of women everywhere.


Markia yields the aid of auto-tune in the way it was meant to be utilised. His vocals are crisp and slick, sliding over and under ticking of the drum machine. CANDY is quick and greets each new verse with the same buoyant chimes throughout. Reminiscent of a kind of “popping-candy” sensation, the keys transcend daytime sesh into neon beach club vibes.

Directed by Phre.Rhyter and starring Chetna Jarwal, the video for CANDY is a good time. Clearly captured and without judgement, its a retrospective look at early ’00s R&B clips. CANDY features palms trees and scenic sky-high apartments as the backdrop for the modern woman, who juggles business affairs with effortless style.


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With a string of successful collaborations, BBC Radio additions and extensive production experience Markia is one to keep an eye on.

Enjoy the CANDY on all platforms, including Spotify here.

Markia’s upcoming record FREEDOM SZN is due to be released mid-March. Until then see the full clip in all it’s glory below: