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Finding your bass sounds lacking? Knorr by Klevgrand is here to help

Modern music production calls for a focus on low-end with genres like Trap, Hip-Hip and EDM dominating the industry. Heeding the call, Klevgrand is here to take your bass production from flat to fat with Knorr.

Don’t be fooled by its minimal user interface, this plugin is a beast of bass processing that couldn’t be simpler to use. Klevgrand Knorr

Knorr is the Bass Vitalizer that makes dropping the bass, drop-dead easy. Klevgrand combines filtering, amplitude and frequency modulation to make your bass cut through the mix.

Knorr’s algorithm uses a combination of filtering and amplitude/frequency modulation and works on any sound that has low-mid audio content or below. The algorithm adds overtones to the original sound in a way that can’t be done using other bass-shaping methods.

You can choose from three different intensity levels for the processing, and the X/Y control pad means that you should quickly be able to get the tone you’re looking for. Whether it’s processing a smooth bass guitar with one of the Soft settings, or smashing a huge sub against your compressor with one of the Hard settings, Knorr has you covered.

Knorr is available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin for PC and Mac. Similarly, you can download the plugin straight from the Apple app store to use in your iOS music production. Check out Klevgrand’s demo below:

For more info visit the Klevrgrand website.