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iZotope’s Ozone 9 is here, complete with staggering new features

ozone 9

The announcement of Ozone 9 came nearly a week ago and now Izotope has let us know what’s new. The original teaser video didn’t tell us much at all about what the new version would have in store for us.

The release of Ozone 8 Elements for free did an adequate job of holding us over. Luckily, today we get a good look at the crazy new things Ozone 9 can do.ozone 9

iZotope has revealed a host of new features included in Ozone 9. The new Low-End Focus and Master Rebalance tool are exciting new prospects for mixing and mastering engineers.

So what’s new?

Possibly the most striking new feature included in Ozone 9 is Master Rebalance. This feature lets you correct the levels of instruments in a mix without access to the original tracks or stems. Want to boost your vocal post without affecting the midrange in other instruments? Master Rebalance has you covered.  This feature can be applied to vocals, bass and drums and can even be automated for added dynamic control.

The Low-End Focus feature was mentioned upon Ozone 9’s announcement and provides the first line of defence against muddy low end. Simply add it to your master chain to enhance bass sounds and bring clarity to your low end.

Low-End Focus can also be used to boost the transient power of a drum kit using the Punchy setting. A tool like this is even more relevant in today’s industry, with genres like trap and house dominating the pop sector with epic bottom end tones.

This isn’t to say that iZotope has strayed away from the notion of vintage tone. The Expanded Master Assistant contains a new Vintage module to contrast the Modern mode’s transparency. Additionally, there are new vintage-sounding processors including EQ, compressor and tape.

To get the full scoop on all things inside Ozone 9, visit the iZotope website.



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October 4, 2019

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