Behold this adorable mascot cat absolutely destroying it on the drums

Don’t you love it when you stumble across something on the internet that fills you with wonder and bewilderment, and an intense feeling of joy, however fleeting or inconsequential?

The latest of these for me comes in the form of a Japanese cat mascot who’s an absolute boss on the drums. I mean, they literally put every other drummer that has ever existed to shame. They slay it. They are a fucking God.

Cat Drummer

Please enjoy this video of Nyango Star – the Japanese mascot cat who absolutely slays it on the drums.

Confused? I’m not surprised? Elated? I’d be personally offended if you weren’t.

Twitter user Eric Alper posted the video last week and it exploded, racking up some four million views in a matter of days on Twitter alone. But who’s behind it all?

The mascot is named Nyango Star, and they’re no underground sensation. They’ve got something like 40,000 followers between his YouTube and Twitter channels, which are full of drum covers of songs by the likes of Slipknot and The Ventures. There’s even an official website.

Nyango Star’s videos have been enjoying varying degrees of virality for years now; the one above is the just latest.

As the Daily Dot reported back in 2017, Nyango Star’s popularity grew after a video circulated on Twitter and Reddit. The clip showed the mascot playing the theme song to an anime series called Soreike! Anpanman. Since then they’ve made TV appearances and worked with other artists, like Japanese rock band Golden Bomber. But now it seems they’ve finally cracked it.

Before you enjoy the above video once again (like we know you will), please read this translated version of Nyango Star’s backstory (apologies if it only serves to confuse you more).

Domestic cat Shiloh, 7 years old died for a long time due to illness. After cremation in the funeral home, buried in the apple field.
A few years later, it revives as an apple fruit. It grows gradually and actually falls to the ground.
I got scratches but I gradually grow up.
Memory is ambiguous but the part as a cat begins to show gradually returning with time.
It reminds me of everything and returns to the owner, but from its appearance it is noticed that it is Shiloh, it is called a wild beast of a red apple.
Although I was able to have the weather but I had to manage it, I consulted the grandmother of the apple tree which is the birth parent.
“Please save the power to please everyone, go to the hill of HOLLYWOOD, and you will be able to return to the former way.”
I could not catch on to denture but I could catch somehow.
Now I thought about the way of going to the United States after dead older trees, I thought that I could go overseas if I became a rock star with my hint of drums from my owner.
I will practice by seeing the owner’s drum, and it will appear in the local event.
From band fellows, called from the legendary drummer “Ringo Star”, a drummer of cats and apples, “Nyannotate”, which is said to need a name.
An adventure back to Nikkatsu’s white cat begins.

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