“Exhilarating and uplifting”: Philip La Rosa shares his stunning new single

Fremantle based singer-songwriter, Philip La Rosa is back with yet another incredible track Drowning, in an effort to create supportive awareness around World Mental Health Day.

After releasing his groundbreaking debut single Pride, Philip La Rosa has continued his personal uplifting message of strength and support while overcoming emotional hardships and adversity.

Philip La Rosa’s stunning new single, Drowning is a message of support for all those who have seen loved ones suffer, and for those who have struggled with mental health issues of their own.

Drowning was written as an anthem of resilience and kindness towards others as a part of an effort to create a message about the often stigmatised topic of mental health.

“An exhilarating and uplifting narrative. Inspired to share his positive vision of acceptance and pride, the music melds infectious beats with brave, powerful vocals, while also highlighting his deep love for making music.”

In his new single, La Rosa opens up the dialogue around the common feelings of isolation and worthlessness individuals can experience while struggling with their mental health. The track itself is a powerful, yet emotive interplay of incredible lyricism and utterly spellbinding vocals.

His evocative ballad Drowning has massively contributed to the growing discussion around marginalised groups regarding mental health issues. Through his own personal experiences of hardships and oppression, Philip La Rosa has since become one of the faces of progression and growth when challenged with adversity.

“Seeing loved one’s struggle is extremely hard, and feeling helpless or worthless is even harder. I hope anyone who hears this song knows; they are not worthless and there is always someone they can talk to.”

Watch the new video for Drowning below.