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The new MXR Brown Acid Fuzz serves up vintage UK-style saturation

The Brown Acid Fuzz is the latest red hot riff machine from MXR.

The pedal delivers psychedelic silicon saturation to guitar and bass players who like it low, slow, and heavy. mxr brown acid fuzz

Take a trip and with MXR’s Brown Acid Fuzz. This modern take on classic fuzz circuitry is a high you want wanna come down from.

The Brown Acid Fuzz is based on a classic 1970s UK fuzz circuit akin to the Tonebender Fuzz and the EHX Big Muff stompboxes. Its simple three-knob interface allows you to plug in and tune out in no time at all. The pedal sports a brown, regular-sized MXR metal enclosure with a psychedelic design from San Francisco-based artist, Alan Forbes.

Features include Output, Tone, and Fuzz controls to create a perfect crunch. Whether you want to ride droning power chord currents across the universe or summon burly grooves at an ancient altar, this pedal has all you need for your musical invocations.

With only 500 units being made, you’d best be quick if you want one. There aren’t many sounds demos out yet but we did manage to find a rather meaty video using the Brown Acid on the bass.

For more info visit the MXR website.