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Buchla’s Easel Command 208c synthesizer is now available to pre-order

Easel Command 208c is the new synth module from Buchla. The 208c is a module for the Buchla 200e modular system and the Easel Command is the new standalone desktop version of said 208c.

Don’t be taken back by the confusing naming setup, as this bad boy is as powerful as it is pretty. buchla synth

Let the Easel Command 208c scratch that modular synth itch. Buchla’s Kickstarter darling has smashed its funding goal and is ready to make a splash.

Buchla wanted to produce a more flexible and independent version of their legendary Music Easel Synthesizer. They wanted it to play nice with DAWs, have MIDI integrated and have support for controllers like the Sensel Morph.

The whole design of the module has been streamlined for a more user-friendly experience. The single circuit board design allows it to be modular case-friendly, small enough to fit in a 200e case.

New features include a MIDI input, 1 1/4″ Audio outputs. 1 3.5mm 1v/oct input and 1 3.5mm gate input. The Easel Command also sports an FM input to the modulation oscillator as well as five additional banana CV connections to control knobs and faders.

Those looking to discover more about the Easel Command and Buchla’s range of modular gear can visit their Kickstarter.