ANTIPHON is the new DIY synth kit from Dreadbox -
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ANTIPHON is the new DIY synth kit from Dreadbox

ANTIPHON is Dreadbox’s latest Eurorack module. And with the world of modular synthesis becoming  ever more popular, it’s no surprise to see Dreadbox trying something a little left field.

The ANTIPHON is a monophonic synth voice with an external analogue spring reverb unit. This outboard spring reverb is a unique design choice and certainly new territory in the Eurorack game. ANTIPHON on rack

ANTIPHON aims to break the modular mould. Dreadbox has taken a walk on the wild side with its DIY design and outboard reverb unit.

Dreadbox are known for their stylish modular units and limited edition DIY kits, including the Hades and Lil’ Erebus. ANTIPHON is no exception. The kit comes with all the parts needed to build the system from scratch.

The unit comes with 8 sine wave oscillators each with their own frequency controls. You can set each one to a different pitch to generate large chords or drones while oscillators 7 and 8 can also be used as LFOs for further manipulation. There’s both a low and high-pass non-resonant filter as well as an exponential VCA. The ANTIPHON system also accepts guitar level input meaning you can now trigger your modular system using your favourite axe.

The 150mm 3-Spring Reverb tank is the most interesting feature of the system. Designed by Belton this tank and can easily plunge your synth’s voice into shimmering depths using the onboard gain and mix sliders. By reaching into the unit, you’re able to pluck and play with the springs, altering your tone in ways previously unheard in modular synthesis.

ANTIPHON is available in a very limited run from Dreadbox’s website now.